Sound Design 

I offer sound design services that include post production audio editing, sound effect creation from scratch, foley art, syncing audio to picture, creating background ambient sound to match visual spaces, studio and location recording, preset creation for virtual instruments, patch creation for hardware synthesizers, and more, because it's what I love to do. I believe in the importance of sound and it's my goal to always create something original. Whether it's to simply create a synth patch I love or constructing sound to compliment your visuals, it's my mindset that every sound placed in a product should have a story. 


Sometimes, your production audio is poor due to weather conditions, less than ideal acoustic locations, technical difficulties, and unwanted background sound. This can leave your production company upset -- especially when the shots are so perfect! Your film is ruined, right? Wrong! This is where I come in. I offer high quality ADR (automatic dialogue replacement) sessions with your actors to re-record lines to get the perfect take. I have 9 years of studio recording experience with high-quality outboard gear, appropriate microphones and mic placement techniques, and love to communicate with talent. 


Whether you're working on an album or you're in need of someone to make your recordings for film, TV, or games sound their best, I offer mixing services to help. I work with both analog and digital approaches to achieve the best and most appropriate sound possible, and I love a good challenge. 

Voice Over Narration 

In a world... where you need someone to record narration... I am available in NYC to get the job done. Trailers, film, and games typically need narration to link together parts of their story. The studio is like a home to me, and on top of engineering your session to get professional audio quality, I really enjoy putting on my producer hat to coax the best performance out of voice talent. 

Scoring To Picture 

My goal with creating music for games, film, and other visuals is to add as much life and evoke as much emotion that is seen from said games, film, etc., into my pieces as humanly possible. I have a background in music that includes not only electronic production, but also writing for orchestral instruments, arranging, and experimenting. The perk of choosing to work with me as a composer is that you're also working with someone passionate about sound design, so my approach is always to get the most unique sound for your visuals as possible. 

Interactive Audio 

I feel very comfortable working with audio implementation software for games (also known as 'middleware') to bridge together sound and visuals for gaming, and also feel comfortable with using Max/MSP. I am also available for the creation of audio installation pieces.