Pro Tools 
Logic Pro 
Ableton Live 
Native Instruments Absynth, Kontakt, FM8, Reaktor, etc. 

Firelight Technologies FMOD

Audiokinetic Wwise



Note: All software listed are those which are personal favorites. For a complete list of software skills, feel free to request a CV.

MPC 1000 - JJ OS
1972 Arp Odyssey MK I 2800
Roland CompuRhythm 5000
Ensoniq ESQ 1
Korg Volca Bass
Korg Volca Keys
TEAC 2A Mixer & MB20 Meter Bridge
Teenage Engineering Arcade Pocket Operator 
Bose Super Shifter
MXR Carbon Copy
Gameboy DMG with Variable Clock Mod, running LSdj
Gameboy Color, running LSdj