I was told my last website looked like it was made in a basement, so I made a new one. This one was made in my living room.

My name is Jamie Billings and I was born in a little seaport town called Newburyport in 1990 and grew up just north of Boston, Massachusetts. My childhood home was filled with loud children (six), tropical frogs (five), and one goldfish (Chocolate). The 90s for me were filled with the chant of voices whispering secret whereabouts through  neighborhood walkie talkies, recording answering machine jingles, playing Blockbuster game rentals, and using a cassette tape recorder to share "neighborhood news" (gossip). I loved how it all sounded and it was inevitable that I'd pursue a career in music and audio.

My childhood and teen years were spent playing video games, piano, and flute. And then, my brother discovered Metallica. I fell in love with metal and stole his ESP guitar whenever he wasn't home, only to eventually get caught. My dad told me I could take guitar lessons under the condition that I apologize. I agreed but hid from my brother for a month. 

​I attended Berklee College of Music in 2008 where I studied Electronic Production and Design. My time at the university was split between studying, working with indie game studios, bussing tables, working in sales, and at a library.  I graduated in 2012 and was hired at inMusic Brands (AKAI, Numark, etc.). I later took on a second job in the EPD studios at Berklee, and expanded my career with MIT Game Labs as their audio designer, writing music and creating sound for EPiC Software, LLC.,  as an extra in the 2016 Ghostbusters film, and as a sound instructor and camp coordinator for Girls Make Games. I currently live in NYC where I teach students at NYU how to record and work with audio and music with both digital and analog approaches. I plan on beginning my Master's Degree with the University next year.

My artistic goal with audio is to storytell through sound as much as possible.  I'm currently working on my second studio album, and am creating sound and music few different films. I'm an avid lo-fi and synthesizer enthusiast and perform when I can. When I'm not working on music and sound, I love being outside, hanging with animals, traveling, gardening, and fighting for human rights.

​Get in touch if you're interested in working together, or just to say hi!

June, 2017