Sound Designer, Composer, and Music Technologist

Photo credit: Melanie Billings


Jamie Billings

I'm a sound designer and composer, which means that I mangle and create audio with recording, post production, and synthesis techniques. I'm currently working full time as a studio support specialist, as a contract audio designer and composer for various gaming and visual media clients, and have an chiptune alias called The Unicorn Princess, where I released my first 12 track album entitled 'Bitcrushed Memories' and look forward to performing at various 8bit shows this year.

I've always loved sound and making as much organized noise as possible.

I became interested in music from a very young age, from listening to Beatles cassettes, to records by The Police, to old Nintendo and SEGA OSTs.  I took a few piano lessons (which I really hated at the time), later went on to play flute in school orchestras (and a Jethro Tull cover band), and later stole my brother's guitar from his room when he wasn't home till I could afford my own.

I later went on to study at Berklee College of Music, where I majored in and graduated with a B.M. in Electronic Production & Design.  Between studies and various part time jobs, I reached out to as many indie game studios as I could to get experience creating music and sound effects for visual media. I worked on about ten games in college for various platforms (some of which were never published), performed at the G.A.N.G. Awards in GDC, and was a featured artist in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

My audio journey continued and I found work beta testing audio tools at a local software/hardware company that produced softsynths and audio hardware by AKAI, Air, etc. Recently, I worked as an interactive sound design instructor at Girls Make Games, along with coordinating the Boston campus. Shortly after, I began working at MIT's prestigious Game Lab.

My focus as an artist is to story tell as clearly as possible through quality audio. While I keep busy with work, I am always interested in working on creative and innovative projects.  Feel free to drop a line and say hello!